lunes, 22 de abril de 2019

En búsqueda de la Canción Pop Perfecta vol. II (33).

You can sink or swim that’s what they say you should get from there to here Orbit the edge of a vortex Til the background disappears He was the first man I ever met He filled in every space Told me not to mumble There was anger in his face Those green eyes Those green eyes Look past me A fool lies, only a fool lies There is no need There is no need Do you have what I want Do you have what I want His dad wore Old Spice and he wore Brut We loved him naturally Making grilled cheese for dinner In a (???) by the sea Or in the desert burning out the lights The final moment before He was alone for all the good times til he stumbled through the door There’s no prize There’s no prize No fight to win On his side, maybe on his side I could have been I could have been Did he have what I want Do I know what that was If you see who I am Will you be who he was Will you be who he was